My art education started at the age of four with my artist grandmother who loved to "kidnap" me for the weekend. Colored pencils, lots of paper and a spirit of adventure set the whole thing into motion. Nothing was off limits. At the top of the list are Natural History Museums, South Bay beaches, the Watts Tower and the amazing stories to go with them.

At the age of fifteen I began hitch-hiking to Huntington Beach with my friend Tommy and became completely hooked on those clean, south-side barrels. I've been surfing ever since. I guess I've become what you might call a "lifer." While attending Art Center College of Design, painting instructor Dan McCaw encouraged me to paint what I know. Since all I knew about was washing dishes and surfing, it was an easy choice regarding what to paint. One of the best things about a career in the arts is that you are constantly honing your craft. The artwork that you see here is my personal art. Each with its own story. Each connected to a small group of amazing friends. I hope you enjoy them.