I received my foundations in Anatomy, Character Concept design, and Color & Light, through CGMA. This not only aided my transition from charcoal and paints to the digital standard, but also prepared me for the production pipeline of the film and games industry, and later the TV and advertising industry.
With my initial focus being character concept art and key art renders, it wasn't long until I branched into environment design with matte paintings and ultimately combining what I've learned from the two into what you could call multi purpose illustration. I like to think of film as moving paintings. Because of this, how the concept stages of those works move through the pipeline, and are then translated into the final result, is something the led me to explore storyboarding.
Since then, I've come to understand applications for many aspects of other art within the scope of sequential illustration, allowing for exploration of environment design, color keys, even finished renders, as well as initial concept designs. In a way, combining all of these workflows into one has expedited my entire process, and provided me with invaluable tools to continue growing as a visual problem solver, and keep up with today's industry by constantly trying to master my craft.
-Brandon Hamilton

Painting process:                                             Final piece: 


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