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Charles Ratteray*

Charles Ratteray currently is a Los Angeles based Storyboard Artist, Concept Designer and Illustrator who has been working in the Entertainment Industry for the past 14 years. He uses a graphic novel approach with dynamic lines and anime/realistic characters.

After studying art in Philadelphia, he came to Los Angeles on an internship for special effects to the Academy Award winning Stan Winston Studio and was later hired due to his work ethic. After a few years he decided to branch out into the world of freelance and now works with one of the largest storyboard agencies in the L.A. and New York area, Famous Frames.

Having the opportunity to work closely with many influential directors such as Spike Lee, David Fincher, David Twohy, Ivan Reitman, Patrick Tatopoulos and F. Gary Gray, he has also worked on many memorable TV shows suchas Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and CSI.


Charles Ratteray*

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Blade (storyboards) - Dir. Yann Demange, Marvel

Deadpool 3 (storyboards) - Dir. Sean Levy, Marvel

The Magician's Elephant (storyboards) - Dir. Wendy Rogers, Netflix

The Woman King (storyboards) - Dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood, TriStar Pictures

Pride (storyboards) - Dir. Arthell Isom, Dart Shtajio/Lucas Films 

Hobbs & Shaw Fast & Furious (Storyboards) - Dir. David Leitch, Universal

What the Funk (Storyboards) - Dir. Gore Verbinski, Cranetown Media

Run All Night (Storyboards) -  Jaume Collet-Serra, Warner Bros.

The Boy Next Door (Storyboards) - Rob Cohen, Universal Pictures

Manufacturing Innovation (Storyboards) -  Christian Lachel, BRC Imagination Arts

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Storyboards) - Dir. Jonathan Liebesman, Paramount Pictures

Riddick (Storyboards) - Dir. David Twohy, Universal

Wrath of the Titans (Concept/Poster Artist) - Dir. Jonathan Liebesman, Warner Bros.

Captain America (Storyboards) - Dir. Joe Johnston, Paramount Pictures

Sucker Punch (Key Frame Artist) - Dir. Zack Snyder, Warner Bros.

Prince of Persia (Storyboards) - Dir. Mike Newell, Walt Disney Studios

Percy Jackson & Olympians (Storyboards) - Dir. Chris Columbus, Fox 2000 Pictures

Blood the Last Vampire - Dir. Roland Emmerich, Columbia Pictures

2012 (Storyboards) - Dir. Roland Emmerich, Columbia Pictures

Jumper (Storyboards) - Dir. Doug Liman, Twentieth Century Fox

Sea Monsters (Storyboards) - Dir. Sean M. Phillips, Zoic Studios

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Storyboards) - Dir. Ivan Reitman, Twentieth Century Fox

The Covenant (Storyboards) - Dir. Renny Harlin, Screen Gems

Serenity (Matte Painter) - Dir. Joss Whedon, Zoic Studios

The Messengers (Storyboards) - Dir. Oxide and Danny Pang, Columbia Pictures

LA Babylon (Storyboards) - Dir. Ronny Yu, New Line Cinema

Addicted (Storyboards) - Zoic Studios

Lake Placid (Mold/Technical Dept.) - Dir. Steve Miner, Fox 2000 Pictures

Los Minutos Negros (Storyboards) - Dir. Marta Nunez Puerto



Ironheart (storyboards) - Dir. Samantha Bailey, Angela Barnes, Disney+

Under the Banner of Heaven (storyboards) - FX

Snowfall (storyboards) - FX

Random Acts of Flyness (storyboards) - Dir. Terence Nance, Netflix

Blue Eye Samurai (storyboards) - Dir. Jane Wu, Netflix

Endgame (storyboards) - NBC

Ballers - (Storyboards) - HBO

Bright - (Storyboards) - Dir. David Ayer - Netflix

CSI Miami (Storyboards) - Dir. Jerry Bruckheimer, CBS

Invasion (Storyboards) - Dir. Shaun Cassidy, Productions, AB

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Storyboards) - Dir. Joss Whedon, Warner Bros. TV

Battlestar Galactica (Conceptual Design) - Dir. David Eick, Zoic Studios

Shades of Blue (Storyboards) - Dir. Barry Levinson, NBC

Shadow Hunters (Storyboards) - Dir. Andy Wolk, J. Miles Dale, ABC

Green Beret (Storyboards) - Netflix

Unit Zero (Storyboards) - Dir. David Gordon Green, ABC


Video Games

Runterra - ( Storyboards) Leage of Legends, Riot Games

Prince of Persia (Storyboards) - Dir. Steve Jablonsky, Ubisoft Casablanca

End War, Xbox (Storyboards) - Dir. Tom Clancy, Ubisoft

Unreal Tournament, PS2 (Storyboards) - Infogames

Killswitch, Xbox (Storyboards) - Namco

True Crime (Storyboards) - Dir. Navid Khonsari, Rockstar Games

Fat Dragons (Storyboards) - The Virtual Reality Company

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