I was born in 1964 in Aachen, in a quite old town at the border to Belgium and the Netherlands.
I always loved drawing and started copying the Comics of my elder brothers when I was very young. In my childhood the best things to see on German TV were commercials and old B/W Hollywood movies, which influenced me a lot ( and made me such a USA fan).
After High School I studied in Cologne, where I came across a big advertising agency and started as a freelance illustrator, which I have been ever since.
I travelled a lot in Germany “back in the day" since layouts and storyboards were all done in house with paper & markers. Funny and tough times. Now, I have a great set up at home that allows me to work globally and work in real time with the creatives from my screen. 
Advertising has given me the experience of working with many styles and materials. I work with final illustrations, and even shooting boards for film, but I enjoy doing storyboards best. 
That’s it. I’m married, got two lovely adult daughters and a funny not-yet-really-adult-stepson.