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Mark Millicent*

I am ADG 800 Union accredited ad I have worked on both low budget indies and $100MM movies as a Story boarder. My skills are principally blocking shots and story beats to maximum cinematic effect with as much thought as practical, in as little time as possible. I work for production houses, game companies along with advertising agencies - primarily on a work for hire basis both in LA and the UK. Most of my work is done in the field of commercial advertising, for both production and agency material. Working with many current top tier directors I enjoy the challenge of an interesting scene or story sequence working closely with both the director and producer to deliver the best visual for their project or commercial. My client base ranges from Disney to Warner Brothers to RSA and ABC and pretty much most of the production houses based in LA and nationwide over the years. I look forward to working with you should my work be a good fit for your next project.


Mark Millicent*



Polaroid (Storyboards) - Dir. Lars Klevberg, Dimension Films

The Slows (Storyboards) - Dir. Nicole Perlman, Cinereach

The Keeping Hours (Storyboards) - Dir. Karen Moncrieff, Blumhouse Productions

Lego Jurassic World: The Indominus Escape (Storyboards) - Dir. Michael D. Black, Pure Imagination Studios

Ouija (Storyboards) - Dir. Stiles White, Platinum Dunes

Tale of Two Dads (Storyboards) - Dir. C. Sanes Monet, T. Whitman, Esperanza Productions

The Affordable Care Act (Storyboards) - Dir. Anson Burtch, Capstrat

Our Foundation (Storyboards) - Dir. Ryan Gruzen, Maximillian Productions

A Bouncy Business (Writer) - Dir. Francoise Dehaipe, Blackdog Productions

Love's a Fuel (Writer) - Dir. Francoise Dehaipe, Blackdog Productions

Scales, Hooks & Tales (Writer, Producer) - Dir. Mark Millicent Causeway Pictures

Screech (Writer, Producer) - Dir. Mark Millicent, Matt X Productions

Fizzy Days (Writer, Director) - Dir. Mark Millicent, Out of Pocket Films

A Date wth an Angel (Writer, Director) - Dir. Mark Millicent

Absolution (Assistant Director) - Dir. Mike Roby

Bad Hero (Storyboards) - Dir. Matt Zemlin, Matt X Productions

Saving Grace B. Jones (Storyboards) - Dir. Connie Stevens, New Line Cinema

Evocator (Storyboards) - Dir. Matt Zemlin, Matt X Productions

The Incredible Hulk (Art Department) - Dir. Louis Leterrier, Universal Pictures

Fizzy Days (Writer, Director) - Dir. Mark Millicent, Blackdog Productions

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Storyboards) - Dir. Marcus Nispel, New Line Cinema

End of Days (Storyboards) - Dir. Peter Hyams, Universal Pictures



Kidding (Storyboards) - Dir. Dave Holstein, Showtime

E-Ring (Storyboards) - Dir. Paul Michael Glaser, NBC


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