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Renee Reeser

Wanting a pony for her twelfth birthday and instead receiving a .22 rifle and an NRA membership, Renee Reeser Zelnick naturally attended art school to avoid the ROTC. After escaping from Amish country and earning her BFA in Fashion Illustration from Moore College of Art and Design, she ditched Philly for Hollywood, initially working in Beverly Hills art galleries, print shops, fashion and textile design studios by day while being a fabulous club kid by night. Like a high heeled Dorothy in Oz, the technicolor road to Los Angeles led her to a madly successful career as a fashion illustrator, storyboard and concept artist, illustrating and brainstorming for film, television, video games, fashion and lifestyle brands, books and advertising.

An Artrepeneur, this creative media mind serves a global clientele as consultant, coach, brand builder, information artist, illustrator, pre-visualizer and yes, even music producer. Collaborating with the finest movers and shakers on the planet, working on projects for everyone from Tupac, to Spielberg to Oprah. Her past and current projects include clients such as Sony, HBO, Universal Studios, Coca-Cola, Disney, Electronic Arts, Nissan, Land Rover, Old Navy and Nike.

And all while wearing sparkly shoes. Renee is also the founder of the humanities project, a foundation that empowers and rewards youth pursuing conscious creativity in the arts & humanities through college scholarships and services.


Renee Reeser



Two Weeks (Storyboards) - Dir. Steve Stockman, Buena Vista

Love Object (Storyboards) - Dir. Robert Parigi, Vitagraph Films

A Letter from Death Row (Storyboards) - Dir. Marvin Baker, B. Michaels, Showcase Entertainment

Ill Gotten Gains (Storyboards) - Dir. Joel B. Marsden, Xenon Entertainment Group

Real Stories of the Donut Men (Storyboards) - Dir. Beeaje, Quick Glazed Productions

Gridlock'd (Visual Consultant) - Dir. Vondie Curtis-Hill, Gramercy Pictures

Aurora: Operation Intercept (Storyboards) - Dir. Paul Levine, Vidmark Entertainment

Two Guys Talkin' About Girls (Storyboards) - Dir. Steven Pearl, Trimark Pictures


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