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Rudi Liden

My family moved from Spain to LA when I was six and I can honestly say that I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have a pencil in my little fingers to either draw or write. I still have one of my first comic strips. A western. That managed a violent end in four panels. Straight out of high school I started work at a graphic design company and broke into the indie comic book world. From there I jumped to Warner Animation, and as exciting as it was to draw Bugs Bunny, I found my heart pulled back to story. I took a few years to write, and found some success. Even got to direct. But eventually I was pulled back to drawing and the challenge of boarding. I’ve worked on features and TV and lots of commercials. And I’ve had the good fortune of working with incredibly talented people who’ve taught me to be a better artist.


Rudi Liden



The Boxcar Children - Dir. Mark Dippe, Hammerhead

Project Blue Book - Dir. Matty Beckerman, RCR Media Group

The Trials of Cate Mccall - Dir. Karen Moncrieff, Sunrise Films

Butterfinger the 13th - Dir. John Montgomery, Thresold Interactive 

Miss March (Storyboards) - Dir. Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore, Fox Atomic

Die Laughing - Dir. Tim Bui

The Human Contract - Dir. Jada Pinkett Smith, Overbrook Entertainment

Powder Blue - Dir. Tim Bui, Eleven Eleven Films

Quest for Camelot (Inbetween Artist) - Dir. Frederik Du Chau, Warner Bros.

Space Jam (Storyboards) - Dir. Joe Pytka, Warner Bros.




The Bridge (Storyboards) - Dir. Gerardo Naranjo, FX Productions


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