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Vincent Lucido*

My life as an artist began as a small boy playing with legos and questioning the fabric of our “reality.” I would sometimes wonder whether I was really alive or part of some sort of fanciful dreamworld created for someone else’s amusement (I think The Matrix ripped me off). When I wasn’t pondering universal existence, I was drawing and creating for hours on end. Art was not only a great escape, it was fun.

Those early years ignited a passion for art that would inspire me throughout my life. After high school, I decided to pursue art as career with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration (with honors) at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I developed my storytelling and visual skills through editorial illustration work and my own comic strip at the university’s award-winning newspaper, The Daily Nexus. Upon graduation, I began my illustration career creating newspaper ads, comic books, and graphic design logos.

In 1998 I moved from Fresno, California to Los Angeles in pursuit of becoming a storyboard/production artist. I started landing work on smaller film projects fairly quickly and soon after I was producing storyboards for local television advertisements. Working primarily from word-of-mouth networking and affiliations with Los Angeles’ top storyboard agencies, my commercial production and music video clientele grew to include companies such as Nike and Mattel, and rock acts such as Filter and Kelly Clarkson.

I worked full-time at Storyboards Online in 2003 creating storyboards, comps, and animatic artwork for advertising agencies.  I now work independently in advertising for ad agencies all across the country (client list available upon request).

My storyboard and conceptual artwork in film has expanded into big budget features (You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, Rendition), smaller independent films (The Nines, Barbarian Princess), and even on-screen artwork (Americano).  Recently on the Black Eyed Peas project, Instant Def, I was given the opportunity to not only help direct other storyboard artists, but do some assistant art directing as well.    

Jedlo: Defender of the Deep (Moombaya Books) a children’s picture book written by nationally renowned LA artist Ed Masey and illustrated by myself was published in 2004. I will be following this book with a fantasy graphic novel I have written and am currently illustrating entitled The Journey of Self.  The story for this book chronicles my own spiritual adventure through the life of the main character, Dusanek, and his companions. In addition to this, I’m excited to have co-founded the graphics company, Infinity Culture. Our goal is  to spread positive and uplifting messages through collaborative t-shirt designs and prints.

I am proud to say that my passion for art is as strong as ever.  As I’ve been doing my own writing, having more creative responsibilities with directors, and even living life with more inspiration, I feel more connected to art as an expression of myself, not just my skills. In work, I appreciate and honor my clients by offering them the best of my talent, strong work ethic, and creativity. I feel so fortunate to have a career that reflects not only what I do, but who I artist.


Vincent Lucido*

Local 800


Happy Death Day (Artwork Design) - Dir. Christopher Landon, Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions

xXx: Return of Xander Cage (Storyboards) - Dir. N. Moritz, J. Roth, Columbia Pictures

Mentryville (Storyboards) - Dir. Jason Dudek, IPA Asia Pacific

The Return of Captain Kidd - Dir. K. Konwiser, D. Pritchard, GigaPix Studios

Blood Shot (Storyboards) - Dir. Dietrich Johnston, IPA Asia Pacific

Hitchcock (Storyboards) - Dir. Sacha Gervasi, Fox Searchlight

Photo Finish (Storyboards) Dir. Jordan Sommers, Soho House

Prodigy - Dir. Chuck Russel, Intrepid Pictures

Snow White and the Huntsman - Dir. Rupert Sanders, Universal Pictures

The Return of Captain Kidd - Dir. Kern Knwiser, GigaPix Studios

You Don't Mess with the Zohan (Storyboards) - Dir. Dennis Dugan, Sony

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island - Dir. Brad Peyton, Warner Bros

xXx 3: Return of Xander Cage - Dir. Rob Cohen, Paramount Pictures

Rendition (Storyboards) - Dir. Gavin Hood, New Line Cinema

Obsessed (Storyboards) - Dir. Steve Shill, Sony

Prom Night (Storyboards) - Dir. Nelson McCormick, Sony

Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans (Storyboards) - Dir. Patrick Tatopoulos, Lakeshore

The Nines (Storyboards) - Dir. John August, GreeneStreet Films

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Storyboards) - Dir. Steve Carr, Sony

The Stepfather - Dir. Nelson McCormick, Screen Gems

Princess Ka'iulani - Dir. Marc Forby, Roadside Attraction

Christopher Brennan Saves the World - Dir. Jesse Dykstra, Fresh Face Pictures

Green Season (Storyboards) - Dir. Jesse Dykstra

Americano (Storyboards) - Dir. Kevin Noland, Spirit Lake Pictures

Volare (Storyboards) - Dir. Tamela D'Amico, La Strega Entertainment



Looking for Alaska - Dir. Sarah Adina Smith, Hulu

House MD - Dir. David Shore, 20th Century Fox

Jericho - Dir. Stephen Chbosky, CBS

Trust Me - Dir. Hunt Baldwin, TNT

Psych - Dir. Steve Franks, USA

The Event - Dir. Nick Wauters, NBC

Angela's Eyes - Dir. Dan McDurmott, Lifetime

Moves - Dir. Jennifer Lopez, MTV

Archer - Dir. Adam Reed, FX Network


Video Games

Dead to Rights - Dir. Steven Kohl, Namco

Prototype - Dir. Keith Arem, Activision

Lara Croft - Dir. Karl Stewart, Square Enix

Lord of the Rings: Aragon's Quest - Dir. Kuju Interactive, Warner Bros Interactive

Shrek 3 - Dir. 7 Studios, Activision

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Dir. Sefton Hill, Rocksteady Studios

Urban Reign - Dir. Masahide Kito, Namco


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