Famous Frames artists work on Storyboards for countless commercials, but we also offer outside-the-box services like Experiential and Whiteboarding.  

ExxonMobil’s new campaign shows how clean energy is created by capturing carbon dioxide molecules from a power plant’s emissions before they reach the atmosphere while also generating power.

Easy to understand right? ...We didn't think so either! That's why ExxonMobil Scientist Tim Barckholtz and Famous Frames worked together on this campaign to show what's really happening:


Vinny Dellay worked closely with director Christian Webber to create the shootingboards for the spot:


While artist Vinny was tasked with creating the storyboards, Evan Yarbrough's art (and hand!) was featured in the actual spot itself in the whiteboard illustrations:


And finally, a behind-the-scenes look with Evan at what went into creating the whiteboarding featured in the spot:

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