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Al Evicmen - Storyboard Artist & Legendary Palm Cartoonist

Posted November 6, 2019 at 9:04pm


In addition to being an accomplished storyboard artist, Famous Frames artist Al Evicmen also carries the title of ‘Legendary Palm Cartoonist’.



As stated on The Palm’s website: “The Palm’s legendary tradition of caricatures originated in 1920s New York, when some of its first patrons – talented cartoonists from the nearby King Features Syndicate – virtually paid for their supper in original art on the walls of The Palm’s first restaurant; then a speakeasy. These artists would draw lively scenes of the restaurant’s clientele – neighbors, family as well as celebrity patrons – that came to be known as the hieroglyphics of New York City life at the time.”

Al began working as the resident caricaturist at New York City’s The Palm Too in 1974. His work continues to adorn the Palm’s walls to this day.


Al and Nas with Al's drawing of Nas on the wall behind them. 


Among the stars on the wall are Famous Frames' very own agent Scott Stein and family. 


For more on the history of The Palm's caricatures visit

Project Runway and Famous Frames Inc.

Posted June 20, 2019 at 11:44pm


The long time running hit fashion show made a debut of integrating women and video games into one of this season’s episodes. To make this happen their team reached out to our very own women owned company to fulfill their artist needs. We were excited to have the opportunity to share some of our great talent for on air cameos and off air executions of designs, shown to the contestants later on in the show.

The episode starts with the likeness of Karlie Kloss done by Victor Gatmaitan. As we watch we are introduced to some of the top women in video games as they guide the contestants to create their own characters to be judged on the runway.

Our artists were asked to sketch ideas with the talent and finish them in color. Stefania Gallico & Maria Chou were featured on the show and off air executing the drawings for the finale.

Lanny Markasky helped from the sidelines with additional fashion executions as well as more work from Victor.

The art was integrated throughout the show and introduced each style as they took the runway, taking the episode to a more diverse level of creativity integrating fashion, video games and illustration. 

Famous Frames Celebrates Pride Month with our Artists and Clients

Posted June 6, 2019 at 8:11pm

famous frames LGTBQ logo

Famous Frames is happy to support our clients and artists with a message of inclusivity. Here is some work we have done for brand’s Pride and LGBTQ support.

Advertising is one significant way for companies to communicate their values. Companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Oreo, & Starbucks are among the businesses that have featured same-sex couples in their advertising.

(Fun Fact) Ikea was the first brand to feature a same sex couple in this 1994 spot:

Ben and Jerrys LGBTQ

According to Ad Age: “Last August, Hornet and Kantar published a study that revealed the LGBTQ+ market has expanded to a total buying power of more than $1 trillion. It’s the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S. right now, with an estimated 13% of Americans identifying as LGBTQ+. The explosive growth in this population is being driven by younger generations, with 20% of millennials and a staggering 31% of centennials comprising the community. And it just so happens that these are the generations that care the most about purpose-led brands and can easily sniff out those who are only in it to profit.”

Micah Brenner captured the spirit in these shooting boards for The CW’s “Batwoman,” which stars Ruby Rose as TV’s first LGBTQ superhero:

Well’s Fargo has a 25 year history of supporting Pride. June 2017 marked 25 years since Wells Fargo team members first marched in the parade, and 30 years of the company supporting the LGBT community. Art by David Larks: 

David Larks Wells Fargo LGBTQ 

Ru Paul Drag Race Logo by Mike DeWeese

Artist Mike DeWeese worked with RuPaul, one of the most well-known, pop culture faces of the LGBTQ community, and for good reason.

Rupauls drag race

Rupaul drag race art

The iconic, gender-bending drag performer has been slaying the game for over 30 years, and is the driving force behind the popular reality TV competition. Enjoy some some art for Drag Race:

To All our LHBTQT+ Friends and allies, have a save and happy PRIDE 2019.

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