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Undefeatable Art!

Posted September 29, 2016 at 9:58pm



Indie-pop band Young Rising Sons paired with Famous Frames to create a unique and customized roll out for their new single “Undefeatable.”

Rob Gross, Marketing Director at Interscope Records contacted Famous Frames and proposed the outside-of- the-box marketing campaign that would hire 3 artists and pair each artist with a band member.  Once the band and the label agreed that Doug Brode, Drew Pierce and Evan Yarbrough were right for the assignment, they jumped right in.  The artists were given a storyline for each band member and created 20 rough sketches to illustrate the narrative of the song.  After going over the designs with the band and the team from Interscope, the artists polished up the work and it was ready to be rolled out.  The band then unveiled a still for each member on social media, 1 per day (3 members, 20 days) to tell the story of “Undefeatable.”

Each band member was paired with an artist:

Andy with Evan

Julian with Drew

Steve with Doug


 Evan Yarbrough


Drew Peirce


Doug Brode


“When we became involved in this project,” says Famous Frames agent Pamela Gross, “ I knew it would be crucial to have artists that were self directed take on this job.”   When asked to comment on his experience Evan said “I worked in the music industry for almost a decade, so it was fun to get creative with a band again. Their ideas and conceptual input differs vastly from film and TV people, which makes for a refreshing change of pace. Also, Andy was hilarious and easy to work with, hopefully we’ll be having a beer next time they’re in town.” Additionally, Drew said "It was a blast working with fellow artists from a completely different discipline. They were so enthusiastic to collaborate and come up with something special. Their positive energy was contagious."



Check out the rest of Evan, Drew and Doug's work and keep up with Young Rising Sons on their Instagram and Facebook.




Super Bowl 2016 - It all starts with the art!

Posted February 11, 2016 at 12:00am

Here is a fun behind the scenes look at the advertising and production art that led to these great spots featured during the 2016 Super Bowl- Enjoy!

In this first spot, Famous Frames storyboard artist Shane Carrington worked with Smuggler on ‘The Party’ for Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo 'The Party' / Client: Smuggler / Artist: Shane Carrington

In this hit spot, artist Philippe Collot drew storyboards featuring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen for Caviar’s ‘The Bud Light Party’.

Bud Light 'The Bud Light Party' / Client: Caviar / Artist: Philippe Collot

In this beautiful Acura NSX spot ‘What He Said,’ Philippe Collot shows his skill with great concept art and storyboards for a WHITELABEL product.

Acura NSX 'What He Said' / Client: aWHITELABEL / Artist: Philippe Collot

A big crowd pleaser is this ‘Bounty of Earth’ spot that Victor Gatmaitan worked on for Avocados From Mexico with GSD&M.

Avocados From Mexico 'Bounty of Earth' / Client: GSD&M Austin / Artist: Victor Gatmaitan

A star in the comic book world- Sean Chen showed off his skills for this ‘Mini Marvel’ Coke spot for Wieden & Kennedy.

Coca Cola 'Mini Marvel' / Client: Wieden & Kennedy Portland / Artist: Sean Chen

For this adorable Hyundai Elantra spot ‘The Chase,’ Hugo Dipietro created these boards for InnOcean.

Hyundai 'The Chase' / Client: InnOcean / Artist: Hugo Dipietro

Kevin Hart comically stalked his daughter’s date in this Hyundai Genesis spot boarded by Philippe Collot.

Hyundai 'First Date' / Client: InnOcean / Artist: Philippe Collot

Storyboard Artist Lidat Truong worked with Omelet to create these Pokemon ‘Train On’ boards.

Pokemon 'Train On' / Client: Omelet Los Angeles / Artist: Lidat Truong

For this funny Squarespace campaign, Doug Brode worked with Caviar on ‘Real Talk with Key & Peele’.

Squarespace 'Real Talk with Key & Peele' / Client: Caviar / Artist: Doug Brode

Philippe Collot also worked on this Honda spot ‘A New Truck to Love’ for RPA.

Honda Ridgeline 'A New Truck to Love' / Client: RPA Los Angeles / Artist: Philippe Collot

Artists Alessandra Divizia and Peter Vu worked with RSA and 3AM on this LG ‘Man from the Future’ spot.

LG 'Man From The Future' / Client: RSA / Artist: Alessandra Divizia & Peter Vu

See more Famous Work here! 

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