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Famous Frames SUPER SUNDAY 2018

Posted February 9, 2018 at 6:22pm


Head over to our FAMOUS WORK section to see the work Famous Frames did for this year's Super Bowl!

Lexus: Black Panther 'Long Live The King'
Artist: Eddy Mayer

Pepsi Generations: This is Pepsi
Artist: Angus Cameron

Avocados From Mexico: #GuacWorld 
Artist: David Larks

Pringles: Wow 
Artist: Al Frank

DiGiorno: Long Way Home 
Artist: Robert Kalafut

T-Mobile: #Little Ones 
Artist: Kai Simons

Winter Olympics: Best of U.S. I Chloe Kim
Artist: Anuj Shrestha

Persil ProClean: Game-Time Stain-Time
Artist: Jonathan Woods



The Bridge

Posted April 30, 2014 at 4:39pm

Debra Kaufamn of wrote a nice article about Famous Frames contribution to the premier episode of The Bridge:

Famous Frames agent Pamela Gross reached out to The Bridge showrunner Patrick Markey. "He got back to me needing a Spanish-speaking storyboard artist," she says. "They met with Rudi Liden and Eddy Mayer, who are both bilingual, and they liked them both and hired them both. Producers hire the storyboard artists for TV series, and sometimes they'll ask for a certain style or personality type. For FX Networks' The Bridge, they needed storyboard artists who understood shooting boards. Rudi, Eddy and Brad Vancata all understand camera movement and have a nice clean style." After the pilot, the relationship continued for the rest of the season. 

"The Famous Frames storyboard artists we hired to help us visualize complicated sequences on our premier season of The Bridge were extremely helpful to us," says Markey. "They were creative, quick, smart, and pleasant to deal with, and their lack of self-importance was refreshing. I would go back to them in a minute on Season Two, should we find ourselves getting picked-up."

View the full article here.


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