The whole world was taken by surprise when Beyonce dropped her self-titled “Visual Album” on an unsuspecting public.  Famous Frames Anuj Shrestha was one of the few not completely taken aback.  That’s because last August, during a 24 hour period he created the storyboards for XO, the lead single released in both the US and worldwide for Beyonce’s game changing musical experiment.

Shrestha‘s involvement was not limited to just storyboards. He helped director Terry Richardson scout locations at New York’s venerable Coney Island, and worked with the crew to bring Beyonce’s soulful rendition of the hit single XO to life.

The album has become a sensation and Shrestha‘s boards were the starting point for the video that is evocative, sexy and just plain fun.  From bumper cars to rollercoasters to the iconic “Wonder Wheel,” Beyonce’s XO takes you on an aural and visual journey through a day at an amusement park.  You can almost feel the cotton candy stuck to your shoe.

The evocative sights and sounds began with Shrestha’s storyboards.  The clean style contained in Shrestha’s boards provided the initial inspiration that allowed director Richardson to capture the shots necessary to get Beyonce’s XO on the screen.  Anuj Shrestha’s artistry and dedication were one of the first steps to a “global phenomenon” being compared to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Not too shabby.