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Famous Frames and The Golden Globes 2017

Posted January 11, 2017 at 9:00pm

We are always looking for exciting ways to convey the breadth of contributions Famous Frames artists provide throughout the advertising and entertainment industry. By highlighting some of the 2017 Golden Globe Award nominees, we explore the broad spectrum of avenues Famous Frames artists engaged for these critically acclaimed projects. 
 Famous Frames exclusive roster of artists aid production in a variety of art formats.  From concept development for photo shoots, credit  sequencing, key art for print and on-air marketing and of course, what we are famous for,  traditional shooting boards.  Be it for creative brainstorming or on air viewing, if you are seeing it - art helped bring the vision to the screen.  Here’s a behind the scenes look at how. 

For Mozart in the Jungle, nominated for best series-Musical or Comedy, Famous Frames artist Renee Reeser worked to create key art for Amazon’s marketing campaign.  Renee also worked on the marketing campaign for HBO’s Divorce, for which Sarah Jessica Parker earned a best actress nomination. For the same show, artist Darek Gogol worked with the VFX team, concepting a version of the show’s title sequence.

Renee Reeser's key art for Mozart in the Jungle:


Renee Reeser's concept art for Divorce:

Darek Gogol's concept art for Divorce:


Artist Jonathan Gesinski worked with the production team of The People v. O.J. Simpson  a Golden Globe winner for Best Television Limited Series. Jonathan worked with pre-production creatives to design hair and wardrobe for key characters, John Travolta’s Robert Kardashian and Cuba Gooding Jr’s O.J. Simpson.

Jonathan Gesinski's concept art for The People v. O.J. Simpson: 


Another great example of the diversity of our artistic reach can be found with Game of Thrones, nominated for best TV series, Drama. This hugely successful franchise branched into a number outlets like this digital video game. Take a look at these concept frames by Jeremiah Wallis.

Jeremiah Wallis' concept art for Game of Thrones:


Storyboarding out a sequence allows a director to communicate their vision to the actors and the crew. This can be witnessed in this scene Famous Frames artist Jarid Boyce created for the Showtime hit Ray Donovan, for which Liv Schreiber was nominated for Best Actor in a Television Series-Drama.

Jarid Boyce's storyboards for Ray Donovan:


Black-ish was nominated for best Television Show Series, Comedy-Musical.  Additionally, Tracey Ellis Ross won the best actress Globe for her performance in the show. Here is some promotional art and shooting boards Mercer Boffey worked on for the ABC production.

Mercer Boffey's shooting boards for Black-ish:





Famous Frames Artist Renee Reeser connects with Seinfeld writer Darin Henry to create: SITCOMICS

Posted July 17, 2015 at 4:21pm

Former Seinfeld writing alum Darin Henry reached out to Renee Reeser to draw the "Commercials" for SITCOMICS, a comic book company combining his love for sitcoms and comic books. Before joining forces with a successful sitcom writer, illustrator Renee Reeser's sole connection to the Seinfeld show was going bowling with Wayne Knight (Newman!) “Darin pitched SITCOMICS to me as ‘TV you Read.’ I was stoked and said sign me up.”

While 20 years of drawing for Television commercials is business as usual for this Famous Frames artist.  Renee commented "Being a sketch artist and drawing sequential art daily on demand developed the skill needed to meet tight deadlines, whether it's for advertising, fashion, film or TV. Comic books are another way for me to use my powers for good instead of evil.”

Renee’s first collected ARCHIE comic books as a child. “It’s great to be working alongside Jeff Shultz of “Archie” and “Betty and Veronica” fame and folks like Sal Buscema (Hulk, The Avengers, Captain America), the legendary Ron Frenz, Glenn Whitmore and amazing triple threat animator/artist/director Steve E. Gordon, among others.”

Darin’s also written for Ellen Degeneres, Futurama and is currently writing and co-executive producing KC Undercover on the Disney Channel. To Check out the full color, 64 page SUPER SUCKERS #1 and THE BLUE BARON #1 and, go to and find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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