Yigit Isik of Youngsday.com was very impressed by a presentation at the Motion Pictures & Television and Illustration Departments of the San Francisco Academy of Art University by Famous Frames artist Steve Werblun. Steve spoke about his days as a courtroom Illustrator and the importance of a storyboard artist to a film production.

OJ Simpson Trial:

"Well Mr. Werblun made it clear that directing a movie and being the storyboard artist goes very much hand in hand, since storyboard artist (or artists, depending on the budget and the density of the action scenes of the movie) is the first one to visualize the script. The preproduction team, the art department starts to work and they come up with the locations, costumes, characters, visual elements let’s say. But what about the visual storytelling aspect, since what you have is merely a written script? That’s where storyboard artist, in collaboration with the director comes into play. The script says ‘The man in long coat shoots 12 shots in the dark’ and that’s it. The camera angles, character’s gestures, the composition, all is up to the director and the storyboard artist."

Boogie Town - Universal Pictures:

(left) Steve in his studio (right) Presenting at the San Francisco Academy of Art University:

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