Former Seinfeld writing alum Darin Henry reached out to Renee Reeser to draw the "Commercials" for SITCOMICS, a comic book company combining his love for sitcoms and comic books. Before joining forces with a successful sitcom writer, illustrator Renee Reeser's sole connection to the Seinfeld show was going bowling with Wayne Knight (Newman!) “Darin pitched SITCOMICS to me as ‘TV you Read.’ I was stoked and said sign me up.”

While 20 years of drawing for Television commercials is business as usual for this Famous Frames artist.  Renee commented "Being a sketch artist and drawing sequential art daily on demand developed the skill needed to meet tight deadlines, whether it's for advertising, fashion, film or TV. Comic books are another way for me to use my powers for good instead of evil.”

Renee’s first collected ARCHIE comic books as a child. “It’s great to be working alongside Jeff Shultz of “Archie” and “Betty and Veronica” fame and folks like Sal Buscema (Hulk, The Avengers, Captain America), the legendary Ron Frenz, Glenn Whitmore and amazing triple threat animator/artist/director Steve E. Gordon, among others.”

Darin’s also written for Ellen Degeneres, Futurama and is currently writing and co-executive producing KC Undercover on the Disney Channel. To Check out the full color, 64 page SUPER SUCKERS #1 and THE BLUE BARON #1 and, go to and find them on Facebook and Twitter.