The long time running hit fashion show made a debut of integrating women and video games into one of this season’s episodes. To make this happen their team reached out to our very own women owned company to fulfill their artist needs. We were excited to have the opportunity to share some of our great talent for on air cameos and off air executions of designs, shown to the contestants later on in the show.

The episode starts with the likeness of Karlie Kloss done by Victor Gatmaitan. As we watch we are introduced to some of the top women in video games as they guide the contestants to create their own characters to be judged on the runway.

Our artists were asked to sketch ideas with the talent and finish them in color. Stefania Gallico & Maria Chou were featured on the show and off air executing the drawings for the finale.

Lanny Markasky helped from the sidelines with additional fashion executions as well as more work from Victor.

The art was integrated throughout the show and introduced each style as they took the runway, taking the episode to a more diverse level of creativity integrating fashion, video games and illustration.