Famous Frames artist Charles Ratteray teamed up with Amazon.com and the film Dunkirk to create a unique action-adventure game. For Destination: Dunkirk, an Amazon Alexa Skill, Charles was tasked with creating the art for 3 different immersive stories: Infantryman, Tank Commander, and RAF Pilot. In the game, you get to play a “Tommy,” a British soldier, during the Battle of France.

Charles says, "The project was super exciting to engage with. I thoroughly enjoyed designing action setups for the game, fashioning characters and WW2 tanks and aircraft to exist within the scenes."


"Several rounds of thumbnails were done to create strong, illustrative jump points for the final layered artwork..."


"...All the panels were layered for simple animations: foreground, middleground, and background. The final product Amazon created for the Dunkirk games was amazing!"


Click Here to play the game and check out more of Charles Ratteray's amazing art from Destination: Dunkirk.