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Our Clients

“This looks amazing - thanks.”

“This looks great. You nailed it. ”

“LOVED the concept and totally geeked out about it.”

“Thank you, Guys! Amazing work, drawings and colors, all beautiful, as usual! Everyone is incredibly impressed by the drawings today. The presentation board is finished with the photo next to the art and no one can believe they are drawings.”

“The whole team was thoroughly impressed by your artwork. You really helped bring our concept to life. ”

“Awesome job with the illustrations. I showed them to the team this morning and everyone agrees, a job well done. Thank you for the work and thought put into each detail. Will keep you in mind for future projects. ”

“ You sent us two top notch guys and we are soooo happy. I see lots of BNS bookings in both of their futures.”

“Amazing!!!! Please carry on with this direction. You totally nailed it. Bravo!”

“There's fast and then there's Famous Frames fast! Wow! Thanks again, we've been extremely happy with this whole process! We feel great about the shots we captured and your style made the piece a thousand times better than if we had tried to do it ourselves.”

“Famous Frames, thanks again for a job well done!”

“Thanks for steering me in the right direction with this. It was exactly what we needed for this project.”

“These frames are really great. Thanks for doing so much work in so little time.”

“For lack of a better way to put it, holy shit! This has got to be the best looking treatment I've ever seen.”

“you're drawings kickass.”

“Let me say you did an incredible job for us. Everyone was has been complimentary with the result.”

“Today was our Pitch and the clients were … BLOWN AWAY … so, thank you again for all the great work. Awesome job! ”


“I just wanted to once again say thank you for all the wonderful work and help on this project.”

“Thanks for everything. You did an awesome job again! This thing looks great.”

“Yes your team rocks. Everyone is very happy, thank you!”

“Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be using you again. Thanks so much! The work looks amazing. Thank you for your flexibility and fast turn around.”

“Best storyboard EVER!!!!”

“You just shot up our list of favorites. Please be assured we'll be requesting you in the future.”

“You guys are a w e s o m e”

“You we're fantastic! My bosses were so happy with all the work that you did in such a short amount of time. Thanks again for helping us out~ Will definitely keep in touch for future projects. ”

“Our client was very pleased with the animatics. I’ll definitely be reaching out :)”

“I've never worked with you before and I am so impressed with your frames and how quickly you work. You are my new favorite for sure.”

“I just wanted to write to say how hugely impressed I am with Famous Frames. Fantastic, super fast. Seriously, very impressive and skilled illustrators.”

“Fast and accurate as usual.”

“Awesome stuff! You we're a pleasure to work with, super f*@king talented. Thanks for everything.”

“Your work is great, like your attitude. I mean it. Thank you. These animatics will be better for your contribution. Thanks.”

“Not to jinx it, but I pretty much want to work with you on everything I do from here on out. ”

“Thank you so much. These really rock, and on the phone call this morning, client made a special call-out to how great the frames were.”

“You are the coolest!”

“Just presented to a very big smile.”

“Great job...feeling good about it all. You are very fast, and very good.”

“Talented and very professional. You managed all of this perfectly.”

“Nice! Your work is solid. I will be coming back in the future! ”

“Great great work! As usual. Always a pleasure doing business with Famous Frames. Thanks!”

“Holy shit it's amazing!”

“You Rock!”

“THANK YOU for your true professionalism and dedication over these past few days!”

“We are ecstatic, blown away. Thank you for the great work and quick turn around. I’m sure we’ll be in touch with you again soon.”

“I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you! You did a tremendous job and I really appreciate the hard work that was put in. The entire team was really happy with the results. Thank you for making the commitment. I look forward to working together in the future."”

“Thanks a ton for getting that done. People over here really loving the frames. Awesome job. really appreciate it." "Thank you so much for all of your help. Everyone loves your work. Both the client and the agency team rave about how great the illustrations are.”

“Thank you for a great job you rocked the house.”

“Wow... These look fantastic! Thank you so much for getting everything done before my meeting tomorrow. This is really great work!”

“It was great working with you! As always your team killed it :) Hope to do it again!”

“Excellent work. They turned out beautiful. It has been a pleasure working with you. We can't wait to collaborate again soon!”

“Thanks for your help. Sequence was an overwhelming success!”

“It's been a pleasure working with you. Love how you brought my vision to life in such a beautiful way.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for all your work - You nailed it from sketch to finish, and turned around the feedback yesterday in no time. ”

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